Invasive Species

Human intervention within the natural landscape has been a central theme of my work for over thirty-five years. Through lens-based explorations of site and place, I document how people interact with and alter the landscape for personal use. This is done through an exploration of history embedded in the landscape as I observe tracts of land that have escaped development, or areas that are in the process of natural regeneration. My work questions what is “wild” and how we are renegotiating our relationship with wilderness and our environment.

My most recent work Invasive Species was inspired by my lifelong observations and connection to the environment of the Toronto Islands. The Toronto Islands include a unique car-free alternative community of 750 people surrounded by a public park. It is the largest green space in the city, and is located less than a mile from the heart of downtown Toronto. As an Islander I am interested in this culture and life style choice, and how living in a small community is unique. I am also interested in the connection people have to each other and how they use the environment to sustain them.

Chromogenic print in to limited editons of five 40x50" and 30x40"