Mill (working title)

This video is based on a reproduction of a painting by James Keirstead, a self named heritage and landscape artist who worked in Ontario painting historical Barns and Mills. Keirstead’s prints taken from his paintings are scattered through out the province as décor in small hotels and inns. I found this print of a painting located in Dyers Bay in a cabin I rented when go to photography there. I realized the print was affected by the combination of the lights as well as the day-light from the window. The print was changing much in the way the landscape changes with the passing of time and light. I made a video that condenses the light and its movement over the image using stills and animation. This is an installation work that includes a large format still image of a wooden kitchen placed on opposite sides of a small room.

HD 5 minutes
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Old Vine

This Video was made in a hundred year old cedar wood located in Jackson Point on lake Simcoe. This very small strip of woodland lodged between a golf course and the Briers Country Inn. This small cedar grove was saved from development. There are many human interventions in these woods. In this work I have focused on a hand written sign posted that simple says 75 year old vine. This is a real time video taken during extreme light conditions on a very windy day where the light changes from intense blacks to extreme lights. This work can be shown in an immersive environment or as a companion piece to the series Wasted lands. The sound track is in progress but will include weather conditions including fire, ice storms wind and storm sounds tree falls. As well as the human voice.

HD 7 minutes
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