Amalgam is a series of images taken in the Toronto Island Park gardeners' compost piles. These piles change on a yearly basis as the stewardship of the Island is rethought. For over ten years I have been following the city gardeners working on the Toronto Island. Amalgam continues my thinking around how nature is constructed for us and how we view, shape, and interact with our environment. I observe tracts of land that have escaped development, or areas that are in the process of natural regeneration. Through this work I hope to draw attention to the need to renegotiate our relationship with wilderness and our environment as we support nature as it reinvents itself.

There are two prints from each image in this series. One set has been sold. For more information please contact me. Archival inkjet photos on Legacy Baryta paper, 28” x 17”, with ash shadowbox frame, 2018

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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