Vantage Point - Passing is an extensive body of work that includes both durational video and still images. This work  reflects my interest in environmental issues, land stewardship, and the climate crisis.  Through repetitive image making, I observe and record the changes of the overlapping layers of human and natural histories embedded in the landscape. My work begins to question what is ‘wild’ and how we are negotiating our relationship over time with our environment. Vantage Point - Passing is an ongoing body of work of video and still images that I have been making for over eleven years. These images are a record of a groyne that extends into Lake Ontario from Centre Island on the Toronto Islands. Groynes are structures that run perpendicular to shorelines to capture sand and prevent erosion. Four groynes were built on Toronto Islands circa early 1900s to slow the shifting sands. These images document this landmark, acknowledging the hand of the artist in observing what passes before the lens on a seasonal basis.  The works reflect my interest in the constant changes in the landscape and the dance we have with the elements. Archival inkjet prints on Legacy Baryta paper in a limited edition of three, available in sizes 28” x 16” and 22" x 12”. 

The Toronto Islands have a rich cultural history beginning with the indigenous peoples, for whom the Island had spiritual and hunting importance.  I would like to acknowledge that this work was created on the traditional territories of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishinaabe, the Chippewa, and the Haudenosaunee. I would like to thank the Huron-Wendat for sharing these Islands, known as Mnisiing, where I live and work. 

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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