Detritus (Provenance Unknown) is part of an ongoing series of studio-based photographs that question issues of value, provenance and authorship through the artistic process. With this work I focus on the variations and possible visual outcomes of the still life. The work reflects both the history of painting and of photography. My studio is located in an artists residency building with many artists passing through. I collect the material that remains when they vacate their studio space, taking with them and preserving their final art work(s) and leaving behind what was used as part of their working process. With Detritus I am interested in the conceptual framework artists work within, as they engage with their working process through materiality, and finally, leaving the detritus. I rework and recycle these materials into tableaus for my camera. As I further reflect on the artistic hand and eye in making aesthetic decisions, each image is a varied taken from different frames in my shooting process. Archival inkjet photos on Legacy Baryta paper,  2018- 2020.

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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