So To Speak, 1987:  An installation of fifteen photo etchings, this work explores childhood memories. The paths and forks of the hedge maze symbolize the loss of childhood pleasures and the advent of uncertainty, implicit in growing up. 

The accompanying text was written by Jacques Lartigue when he was eight years old: "When I was a small human being not yet dominated by the adults' philosophy of taking life as it is I was always looking for more, for purer happiness. And yet from time to time I would meet it and hold it by the shoulders, so to speak and say, now let's stand very still both of us so I can look you straight in the face with all the strength I have in my new eyes. And very naturally, very simply this happiness would obey me and stay very peacefully in front of me around me and inside of me, then suddenly, just as quietly it would fade away, disappear without my being able to do anything about it. When you are very young you are always looking for things to happen soon but because it walks so softly it is difficult to know when soon arrives ... the eyes are open from the very bottom of their sockets, they see through everything but what do they really record?" 

This work lead to the 16mm film in the When the Mind Hears link in my site.  Photoetchings on BFK paper, 22" x30", edition of thirteen and the opposing image is 30" x 40". In the collection or the Art Gallery of Winnipeg and other public and private collections. Limited availability.

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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