Human intervention within a natural landscape has been a central theme of my work for over 30 years. Through photography, I examine issues of site and place as linked to the landscape and its various uses. This latest body of work was inspired by my lifelong connection to Toronto Island and its immediate environment. Toronto Island includes a car-free alternative community of 750 people who live year-round in a public park – the largest green space in the city, located less than one mile from downtown Toronto

With this work, I continue to explore small tracts of land that have escaped development. Invasive Species is an exploration of how land is affected by people interacting with and altering the landscape for personal use through large-scale land management and day-to-day activities. The images in this book are from found sites some that only lasted for a short time and some that remain intact today.

I am interested in how people make themselves comfortable in an outdoor environment, and how they impact the landscape on both a long-term and short-term basis. These environments are in transition, not wild but not yet cultivated. I have been to these sites many times and I plan to continue to return often to see how the landscape develops and changes.

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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