Song, 1997: I was invited to present two images in Utopia/Dystopia: Approaching the New Millennium, an outdoor billboard project organized by Floating Gallery in Winnipeg. The first image is of my daughter in the act of vocalizing near a tree. The second is a close-up shot of a tangle of branches that spiral to its centre. These images are about communication and the understanding of both physical and verbal expressions.

Silence, 1999: Silence consisted of two large-scale images installed in a public space during the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto. One image is an open fire and the other is a girl with her hands over her head partly submerged in water.

Blink, 2007: Blink was an installation of two large photographs exhibited in a public space in Toronto during the Contact Photography Festival. As the viewer approached the work by car on the one-way street they saw a child's eye. Upon looking back at the work they saw a second image of her with her eyes cast down.

Voice, 2003: Voice was an outdoor installation exhibited with Dissonance at the Oakville Galleries, consisting of two billboard-scale photographs overlooking the lake.

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