Within Dialogue is an installation comprised of 100 oval-shaped photographs of mouths in the process of communicating. The images represent age and cultural diversity and include individuals from the deaf and the hearing communities. Within Dialogue travelled to Winnipeg as an outdoor installation at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. Historically, this site housed a community of monks who, because of their religious beliefs, decided not to speak but to develop a sign language system of their own. The work was presented in a ruin that was once the sleeping quarters of the monks. The audio component of Within Dialogue was produced in collaboration with Tom Third, a Toronto-based sound artist, and employs sounds resulting from the body movements of people using American Sign Language combined with their verbalizations. Moving through the installation the viewer experiences a mixture of sound and silence. This exhibit was also mounted  at the Leo Kamen Gallery in another form. Gelatin silver prints laminated and mounted on wood, 3" x 4", 2000.

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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