Observance  is an ongoing series I have been producing for the past five years. This work is a collection of videos and still images that together become a meditation on mortality: a performative work where a floral arrangement is emptied and then rearranged. Observations recalls the AIDS crisis and my personal loss of many friends. As I age I find myself in a repeating cycle as people who have made an impact on my life are now facing their mortality. I have been thinking of ways of honoring these people and those who remain. Using a still life as a metaphor for the ephemerality of the nature of time, each video recalls a person in my life. During this current world health crisis, these works seem to echo an earlier time as we face an uncertain future and adjust to a new normal. Observations takes a note from the Dutch conceptualist Bas Jan Ader's work Primary Time, 1974. 

I have included four sample videos at the end of the still images. I am working these videos into loops placed in grids, as well as singular works. The prints are different sizes depending on the scale of the vase and floral arrangement. Available in varied editions of three  printed from a different frame for each work. Archival inkjet photos on Legacy Baryta paper.

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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