Vantage Point: Portholes: is a collection of seventeen images. These images were made while on board a ship in the spring of 2009 sailing the St. Lawrence River from Les Îles de la Madeleine to the Port of Montréal. In these photographs the ship’s porthole replaces the framing mechanism of the camera, while the movement of the ship provides a constructed vantage point for viewing. The colourations and markings on the images are due to the thickness of the glass, combined with the effects of salt water and weathering. The shadow of the ship is often seen in the images, imposing itself and its movement on the buildings and shoreline. Most of the images were taken at dawn before the city had gained consciousness, suggesting a nameless in-between place, a place of transitions and passages. Vantage Point is a limited edition of seven Ink jet prints, 20" x 20",  please contact me for availability. 

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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