Vantage Point Portholes. These images were made from a ship returning along the St. Lawrence River to the harbour of Montreal, Canada. In these works the porthole acts as a viewing device mimicking a lens and isolating the viewing. The colorations and markings on the images are due to the thickness of the glass in the porthole, combined with the effects of salt water and weathering. The porthole replaces the framing devise of the camera, while the movement of the ship provides the constructed vantage point of the viewing. Most of these images were recorded in the early morning light at the approach of dawn, before the city had gained consciousness. The shadow of the ship is often in the images imposing itself and its movement on the buildings. The buildings in the port are common historical icons that are being transformed to new uses in most ports in Canada, and they stand witness to a vanishing history. Inkjet archival  Prints, 22” x 22”, Editions of Seven, 2011-2012

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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