As an environmentalist my interest lies in our relationship to wilderness in urban culture and how that lives in the city. I believe  in the power of green spaces to calm and to heal us. As we move through nature, I hope to draw attention to both the ephemeral and the sustaining renewal in every day and every season.

Avian is a  video installation done in collaboration with Merle Harley and Alexa Hickox . This work is an HD video loop of two women feeding birds.  My work is built on observations and part of this work includes  people interacting with nature. There is a moment in the video where a singular bird looks like it’s moving from one frame into the other. These videos were in fact taken on different days. This happenstance symbolizes an interconnectivity and repetition of nature as we observe and record.  The interconnectivity becomes part of our lived experience. I believe these moments of stillness build our relationships and awareness within our environment.

Copyright 2020, April Hickox
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